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90 Day OBM Standard Operations Manual Game Plan = 90 Day SOP Plan

The Goal here is to have a solid foundation of your key processes in place within 90 days (12 weeks) of my working in your business.

My process for this is focusing on one key area a week. I will gather information from you and or current team by asking specific questions about your business (ideally this will be a weekly call to start with). I will give “homework” to the team each week to complete various processes.

Categories of the Standard Operating System “SOP” Manual will include:

  • Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Team Management (HR)
  • Communications & Scheduling
  • Marketing & Launch Management
  • Sales Management
  • Delivery Systems

The SOP guide is the culmination of everything that is Operations Management related. Every business needs one And yet… MANY businesses don’t have one (or have a poor one).

There will always be opportunity to create new systems – there is no “done” in this journey. The key is to make system creation a habit in your business!

If we do something more than once, it will be in a documented system!

An SOP = other people can step in and do the work (get it off mine & your plate!) Think about this… without a guide for ‘how to run the business’ no one will ever want to buy it even if you don’t plan on selling, I plan to build the business (and SOP) as if you will… you might change your mind someday.

Your happiness is a by-product of a healthy business. Your healthy business can be built on the SOP. It’s really a foundational piece of business growth!

“When you put your foot on the gas in this company, the car goes forward.”
-Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE

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